Bullet 2.76 Physics Japanese Manual

Bullet 2.76 Physics SDK マニュアル


Bullet Physics libraryは、多くのゲーム開発専門家の方、映画スタジオの方、研究者、学生、ファンの方のご支援、ご協力のもと進められております。

主著作者、プロジェクトリーダーはErwin Coumansです。彼は以前Havokに勤めており、現在は Sony Computer Entertainment America US R&D にてこのプロジェクトを進めています。




Roman Ponomarev, SCEA, constraints and CUDA implementation
John McCutchan, SCEA, ray cast, character control, several improvements
Nathanael Presson, Havok: initial author of Bullet soft body dynamics and EPA
Gino van den Bergen, Dtecta: LinearMath classes, various collision detection ideas
Christer Ericson, SCEA: voronoi simplex solver
Phil Knight, Disney Avalanche Studios: multiplatform compatibility, BVH serialization
Ole Kniemeyer, Maxon: various general patches
Simon Hobbs, SCEE: 3d axis sweep and prune: and Extras/SATCollision
Dirk Gregorius, Factor 5 : discussion and assistance with constraints
Erin Catto, Blizzard: accumulated impulse in sequential impulse
Francisco Leon : GIMPACT Concave Concave collision
Eric Sunshine: jam + msvcgen buildsystem (replaced by cmake in Bullet 2.76)
Steve Baker: GPU physics and general implementation improvements
Jay Lee, TrionWorld: double precision support
KleMiX, aka Vsevolod Klementjev, managed version, C# port to XNA
Marten Svanfeldt, Starbreeze: parallel constraint solver and other improvements and optimizations
Marcus Hennix, Starbreeze: btConeTwistConstaint etc.
Arthur Shek, Nicola Candussi, Lawrence Chai, Disney Animation: Dynamica Maya Plugin




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